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Merry Christmas Multi stencil-starlight
Tapizz Square Design Template
Stencils TZ0002Tapizz Square Design Template
In stock, 60 units
Tapizz Line Design Template
Stencils TZ0001Tapizz Line Design Template
In stock, 46 units
Embossing Stencil - Double Square Row(AB1404)
Anja Style Stencil Flowers/Triangle (FE6110)
Tapizz Diamond Template
Stencils TZ0004Tapizz Diamond Template
In stock, 60 units
Sideline stencil - Square
Stencils 4054303Sideline stencil - Square
Only 10 units left
Luxe Label Stencil
Stencils 4051452Luxe Label Stencil
In stock, 123 units
Erica's Multi Stencil - Cut/emboss (EF8016)
Christmas World Stencil - Tree Border
Embossing Design Rectangle with Square
Double Template - Star (KM3333)
Stencils 4051508Double Template - Star (KM3333)
In stock, 35 units
Embossing / Cutting Stencil Bouquet
Embossing Stencil - Mushroom/Leaf/Acorn (AE1209)
Red Handbag Stencil
Stencils 4056400Red Handbag Stencil
In stock, 26 units
Joke de Vette Embroidery Template
Shadow Cut Templates - Circles (MM0205)
Tapizz Triangle Template
Stencils TZ0003Tapizz Triangle Template
In stock, 92 units
Happy Embossing Stencils - Parrot
Stencils 4996006Happy Embossing Stencils - Parrot
In stock, 51 units
Trapunto Stencil - Triangle shape
Stencils 4064008Trapunto Stencil - Triangle shape
In stock, 45 units
Shadow Cut Templates - Hearts (MM0206)
English Lace Star with Swirls
Stencils 4051813English Lace Star with Swirls
In stock, 48 units
Embossing Stencil - Moon/Cloud/Star (AE1210)
Stitch a Little Fun
Stencils 4050474Stitch a Little Fun
In stock, 47 units

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