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Mattie Emboss/Cut Stencil Fantasy (EH1820)
Lay Out Embossing - holly
Stencils 4015904Lay Out Embossing - holly
In stock, 27 units
Easy...just for you Template Arcade
Embroidery Multi Stencil Vic Circle
Anja Style Stencil - Wavy
Stencils FE6123Anja Style Stencil - Wavy
Only 6 units left
Eline Embroidery Stencil - Oval
English Embossing Flower Stencil - Fantasy Rose
Christmas Time template - 4 ornaments
With Love Template - Heart Borders
Stencils 4054133With Love Template - Heart Borders
In stock, 143 units
Richelieu Embossing/Cutting Stencil Birds (MM0313)
Shadow Cut Templates - Circles (MM0205)
Label Stencil - Christmas Ornament (EL4203)
Embossing Stencil - Double Square Row(AB1404)
Mattie Stencil Edge/Corner (EH1831)
Tulip Embossing Stencil (AE1217)
Stencils 4051037Tulip Embossing Stencil (AE1217)
In stock, 121 units
Embossing Stencil - Background Flowers (AE1212)
Christmas Basic Embroidery Stencil Candle
Alphabet Embossing Stencil - wavy square
Red Handbag Stencil
Stencils 4056400Red Handbag Stencil
In stock, 49 units
Green Handbag Stencil
Stencils 4056403Green Handbag Stencil
In stock, 104 units
Cross Stitch Stencil Stars and Snowflakes
Happy Embossing Stencils - Lilac
Stencils 4996023Happy Embossing Stencils - Lilac
In stock, 79 units
Scrap Magic Template - Kimono
Stencils MAS009Scrap Magic Template - Kimono
In stock, 30 units
English Embossing Flower Stencil

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