Ecstasy Crafts In-Store Open House 

Location: 630 Shannonville Rd., Shannonville, Ontario, Canada

Date: Friday, October 1st & Saturday, October 2nd, 2021.

Time: Each day the crafting sessions will begin at 9am and will last for approximately 1 hour. The Store will be open both days from 9am until 4:30pm.

Open House

Join us for our Ecstasy Crafts Open House, a chance to come in, make some crafts, save money on some great crafting supplies, and maybe win some fantastic prizes! There is a lot to look forward to, like the multiple prize draws held throughout both days of the event and culminating in with the Grand Prize draw on the 2nd. This beautiful basket full of crafting goodies (pictured below) is an amazing opportunity to have a diverse number of products added to your crafting stash! If you join in on the crafting and register for our class sessions described below, you will be issued a $5 coupon at the door that can be spent that day. We will also have in store special savings, product demos, and a "sneak peek" at some brand new products, including items for Christmas!


In Store Crafting Sessions

In our classes you will be provided with an excellent opportunity to make a number of different cards, in store, with the help of our expert staff of crafters! Each of the cards will teach new techniques and introduce new products to everyone involved, making the sessions a great opportunity to learn and collaborate with knowledgeable crafters. If you are a returning client from a previous open house, we want you to know that the cards being made will be more involved than the “make & takes” of the past, and the cards will range from beginner to intermediate skill levels. Worried that you aren’t skilled enough to manage? Don’t be! As mentioned above, we will have expert teachers available to assist you every step of the way and make sure that you are able to learn the techniques and skills needed to make your card.


Covid 19:

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we cannot extend the sessions beyond the 60 minutes but you are welcome to take home all the pieces that we prepared for you to finish on your own. Instructions will be provided in your class bundles for this reason, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed and rushed.

Also due to Covid 19 there will be a maximum of 15 people in each session. You will be sitting at a large table with 3 or 4 people. If you would like to be seated with a friend we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance by emailing . Please include your name as well as the name of the friends you wish to sit with, and we will do our best to accommodate your request! Please ensure your friends are registered for the same session, otherwise it will be very difficult to accommodate your request!

You can only register for a session that has enough space available.

Please note: each day all the sessions will make the exact same 3 cards. As a result, we must insist that you only join ONE (1) session per day, as joining another session the same day will result in you having little or nothing to do, and may take up space that someone who has not been able to join another session that day could have more effectively used. Thank you for your understanding.

Where Do I Get My Tickets?

Purchase your tickets for Day 1 here:

Purchase your tickets for Day 2 here: