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Classic Christmas Basic Stencil
Stencils 4050442Classic Christmas Basic Stencil
In stock, 112 units
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Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bundle
Ecstasy Crafts BUN74Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bundle
$21.88 $44
In stock, 20 units
Joy! Crafts - Extra Fine Embroidery Pricker ToolJoy! Crafts - Extra Fine Embroidery Pricker Tool
KC Embroidery Pattern - Poinsettia Wreath
Chrissie Embroidery Stencil Swirls & Curves
KC Embroidery Pattern - Hearts and Vines
Joy! Crafts Dies - Embroidery - Holly Leaves
Joy! Crafts Dies - Embroidery on Paper - Border Edge
Chrissie Embroidery Stencil Wavy
Embroidery Pattern - Bountiful Flowers
Chrissie threads Variegated - Gold
Embroidery Needles for Silk Ribbon - Set of 4
KC Embroidery Pattern - Poinsettia Splash
Ann Paper Embroidery Pattern - Christmas Bells
Chrissie threads Variegated - Variety Pack
Joy! Crafts - Coarse Embroidery Pricker ToolJoy! Crafts - Coarse Embroidery Pricker Tool
Red Handbag Stencil
Stencils 4056400Red Handbag Stencil
In stock, 52 units
Eline Embroidery Stencil - Oval
Stencils EL8503Eline Embroidery Stencil - Oval
In stock, 58 units
Cross Stitch Stencil Stars and Snowflakes
KC Embroidery Pattern - Floral Vine
Embroidery Pattern - Flower Frame
KC Embroidery Pattern - Music Treble Clef
KC Embroidery Pattern - Top Vines & Flowers
Ann Paper Embroidery Pattern - Holiday Decor

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