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Ecstasy Crafts Sticky Specks Micro Adhesive 8 A5 SheetsEcstasy Crafts Sticky Specks Micro Adhesive 8 A5 Sheets
Be Creative Tape  - 5mm
Be Creative BC5Be Creative Tape - 5mm
In stock, 158 units
Be Creative Tape  - 3mm
Be Creative BC3Be Creative Tape - 3mm
In stock, 131 units
Cosmic Shimmer Specialist Acrylic GlueCosmic Shimmer Specialist Acrylic Glue
Cosmic Shimmer Flake and Glitter GlueCosmic Shimmer Flake and Glitter Glue
Be Creative Tape - 7 mmBe Creative Tape - 7 mm
3D Foam Pads - 5mm square (2mm thick)
Joy! Crafts 650000033D Foam Pads - 5mm square (2mm thick)
In stock, 261 units
Be Creative Tape - 9.5 mm
Be Creative BC9.5Be Creative Tape - 9.5 mm
In stock, 19 units
3D Foam Pads 1mm
Joy! Crafts 650000113D Foam Pads 1mm
Sold out
Be Creative Sheets - 5 to a package
Be Creative Tape -12mmBe Creative Tape -12mm
Be Creative BC12Be Creative Tape -12mm
In stock, 55 units
3D Craft Foam Tape 1.5mm x 12 mm wide/2 meters long
3D Foam Pads 1.5mm
Joy! Crafts 650000123D Foam Pads 1.5mm
In stock, 466 units
Be Creative Tape 15 mm
Be Creative BC15Be Creative Tape 15 mm
In stock, 50 units
450 Quick Dry Adhesive450 Quick Dry Adhesive
Helmar HM427450 Quick Dry Adhesive
From $6.25
In stock, 3212 units
400 Black 3D Foam Pads - 5mm square (1mm thick)
3D Foam Pads 2mm
Joy! Crafts 650000133D Foam Pads 2mm
In stock, 214 units
3D Foam Pads 0.5MM
Joy! Crafts 650000103D Foam Pads 0.5MM
In stock, 254 units
Foam Pads - 2mm Deep - 11 strips 5mm wide, 15 strips 3mm wide
Creative Expressions A4 Adhesive Sheets (5 per pkg)
Heffy Memo Tape RefillHeffy Memo Tape Refill
Heffy Memo Tape & dispenserHeffy Memo Tape & dispenser
Heffy Doodle HFD0066Heffy Memo Tape & dispenser
In stock, 18 units

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