Ciao Bella Clear Stamp Set 6"x8" Floral Alphabet

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Ciao Bella Clear Stamp Set 6"x8" Floral Alphabet

This 32 stamp floral alphabet set coordinates beautifully with the 'Blooming' collection.

Ciao Bella's high quality clear photopolymer stamps are manufactured using a patented photopolymer and UV light exposure, this way they are able to achieve a higher level of detail. They are also designed to achieve optimum performance ensuring you get the highest quality possible.

• Set dimension 6x8 inches (15cm x 20cm)
• Crystal clear and yellowing resistant, high clarity allow easy inking and positioning
• Designed to work excellently with premium quality inks and pigments
• Optimised thickness
• Tear resistant, if stretched they relax back to their original shape
• Long lasting
• Designed in Italy and Made in China

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