Pink Ink Designs Ink It

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Pink Ink Designs Ink It

A vibrant, fluid watercolour ink that is suitable for a wide range of colouring techniques. The inks are transparent & dye-based, perfect for creating washes or details on projects. Can be used on any watercolour ready surface. You can re-wet the ink so that you can continue to alter your project later. Each colour comes in a bottle with a handy fitted pipette, offering great control for accurately mixing colours or for dropping colour straight onto a palette or artwork. Use for painting, illustration, calligraphy, and lots more. These high-quality inks come in captivating shades, providing you with a superb foundation palette. Whether you desire bold and intense hues or a more subtle effect, these inks offer versatility. 

Applying the ink is effortless; simply use the convenient built-in pipette dispenser to extract the ink straight from the bottle. For a strong colour payoff, apply the ink undiluted. Alternatively, if you prefer a lighter shade, dilute the ink with water until you achieve your desired hue. The possibilities are endless as you explore the realm of mixing and blending these captivating colours together.

To enhance your artistic experience, grab your favorite watercolour brush and apply the ink onto a watercolour-friendly surface.  

Each bottle contains 20ml of ink, ensuring you have an ample supply to fuel your artistic endeavors. Choose from an exquisite range of colours, all designed to ignite your creativity. Made In UK.

Size: 20ml

Comes in a variety of colours. Each sold separately.

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