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Embossing Folder - Lattice Background
Crafts-Too CTFD3090Embossing Folder - Lattice Background
In stock, 69 units
Embossing Folder Daisy Flourish
Crafts-Too CTFD3042Embossing Folder Daisy Flourish
In stock, 264 units
Embossing Folder - Floral Tree
Embossing Folder Christmas Star
Embossing Folder Butterfly Frame
Crafts-Too CTFD3040Embossing Folder Butterfly Frame
In stock, 486 units
Embossing Folder Tulip Window
Crafts-Too CTFD3051Embossing Folder Tulip Window
In stock, 86 units
Embossing Folder - Keys and Locks
Crafts-Too CTFD3098Embossing Folder - Keys and Locks
In stock, 94 units
Embossing Folder - Vintage Flowers
Crafts-Too CTFD3063Embossing Folder - Vintage Flowers
In stock, 89 units
Embossing Folder - Let it Snow (HSFC002)
Embossing Folder Fancy Frame
Crafts-Too CTFD4021Embossing Folder Fancy Frame
In stock, 50 units
Embossing Folder Invitation
Crafts-Too CTFD3052Embossing Folder Invitation
In stock, 67 units
Embossing Folder - Merry Christmas (HSFC001)
Embossing Folder - Boxes of Presents
Crafts-Too CTFD3070Embossing Folder - Boxes of Presents
In stock, 102 units
Embossing Folder - Elk (HSFC005)Embossing Folder - Elk (HSFC005)
Crafts-Too CTFD3075Embossing Folder - Elk (HSFC005)
In stock, 471 units
Embossing Folder Tweet Tweet
Crafts-Too CTFD4017Embossing Folder Tweet Tweet
In stock, 103 units
Embossing Folder Daisy Frame
Crafts-Too CTFD3049Embossing Folder Daisy Frame
In stock, 126 units
Embossing Folder Spring Garden
Crafts-Too CTFD4023Embossing Folder Spring Garden
In stock, 160 units
Embossing Folder - Christmas Square-1Embossing Folder - Christmas Square-1
Embossing Folder Folk Ornaments
Crafts-Too CTFD3056Embossing Folder Folk Ornaments
In stock, 270 units

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