FAIRY HUGS STAMP SET - Dandelion & Mushrooms

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2 stamp packages. 3 stamps total.

Use the dandelion and mushroom stamp set in combination with the other stamps from Fairy Hugs to create unique fairy scenes.

FHS-261 Fairy Hugs Stamps - Dandelion Sparkle. This Dandelion Sparkle stamp measures 2.33" x 2.50".

FHS-257 Fairy Hugs Stamps - Ink Cap Mushrooms. Includes 2 mushrooms. The tall one is 1.66" x 3.22". Short one is 1.20" x 2.25".

Fairy Hugs are made from the highest quality photo-polymer available in the market. These stamps will not yellow nor break apart with time.

For best results:

  • Do not use solvent based inks
  • Clean with alcohol free wipes 
  • Keep out of direct light
  • Store in a cool dark place

Made in USA.

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